Starting Your Seeds

Common Seedling Problems (and Solutions)

You’ve planted your seeds, and now you’re dreaming about the harvest. To get from here to there, keep a close eye on your seedlings from the time that you plant the seeds for any signs of trouble. Here are a few common problems to watch for.

Seeds Won’t Sprout

How old are your seeds? (The fresher, the better.) Also, see step 4 of How to Grow Healthy Seedlings to make sure you’ve got the ideal sprouting conditions. And keep in mind that certain seeds may take up to two weeks to sprout!

Seedlings Grow Tall and Thin

Leggy growth probably means your plants aren’t getting enough light. Confirm that they’re either under grow lights for 14–16 hours (indoors) per day or in direct sun (outside) for 6–8 hours daily.

Slow Growth and/or Pale Yellow Leaves

These signs could signal inadequate nutrition. Once you see true leaves (after the first pair of sprout leaves), you should be adding a capful of Mineral Blend A and Mineral Blend B to the water in your seedling tray every other day.

If you’re already following that feeding schedule, check the water. A high or low pH may keep plants from absorbing or processing the food. Most plants access nutrients best when pH is around 6.5. So measure your levels every few weeks and adjust as necessary. If you need a replacement pH kit, you’ll find them here.

Download a PDF of these tips and more here.